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Welcome to plugEllo, a plugin collection for Maxons Cinema4D.

plugEllo consists out of seven object generator plugins, four channel shaders and three postprocessing effects.

On this website i'd like to show you the various functions of this plugins collection. Also have a look at the gallery or the header images to get an idea of whats possible with this set of plugins.

Here is a small overview of what can be done: youtube video (updated 03/07/2010)

A new Version is available for download. Currently only windows 64bit r13 upwards. Get it here. Just delete the content of your old plugEllo folder and insert the new version. More information about the update as well as example files for new features inside the zip file.

Some tutorials in german language are available here:
cloneOnMesh  simpleclone  ranDomizer / magneTo  matrixCloner  viralGenerator  orgaLine  wobbler  postFX

And here are some examples to get you started with the shaders, since they are to complex to create serious tutorials for them ;)