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Download the proper version. It works as a demo within hte savedisabled demo version of c4d. If you buy a license your serial will unlock it for your regular cinema version.

Cinema 4D R11 (old version)

Windows / Mac (1)

Cinema 4D R15 (old version)

Windows / Mac (1)

Cinema 4D R12 / R13 (old version)

Windows / Mac (1)

Cinema 4D R13 / R14 (new version)

Windows / Mac (2)

Price per License is only 49€. All products are taxfree, according to german law, §19 UStG

Please try the demo first as there is no refund possible.

C4D Serial (first 11 digits)   

Special thanks to (1) Remotion4d and (2) Tobias Pfob ( for the mac port.